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Nationality : Argentina
Birth date : 9 September 1976

With a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Buenos Aires, Matias Vigliano is a part of Doma Collective (www.doma.tv) from its beginnings back in 1998, when the group filled the streets with ironic publicity campaigns, stencils and urban projections.

After 6 years of giving classes in the same University he studied and having worked for agencies and studios in Argentina, he migrated to the US where he carried out projects for clients such as MTV, Disney Channel, VH1, Discovery Channel, mun2, Sony AXN, NBC, Nickelodeon and Fox among other networks, directing, producing and animating spots that have earned awards at Promax BDA Latin and International among other festivals. As a member of Doma he held art exhibitions and installations in cities as Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Montreal, Barcelona and Buenos Aires, also giving conferences and dictating workshops around the world.

Since the launch of Doma's product line in 2003, he designs some of the plush and vinyl dolls, limited edition posters, books, new illustrations and currently keeps developing exhibitions and experimental projects with the group.

Being a lover of illustration, animation and design and influenced by a large number of series, movies, comics and books, he currently continues creating graphic universes, products and unique art pieces.

email address:info@parquerama.com

ブエノスアイレス大学のグラフィックデザインの学位を取得後、1998年、アート集団 DOMAへ市街地を風刺的な広告やステンシル、映像で埋め尽くした活動開始当初より加わる。

MTV、Disney Channel, VH1, Discovery Channel, mun2, Sony AXN, NBC, Nickelodeon and Fox, やその他ネットワークからの依頼の企画でアニメーション広告の監督・製作に携わり、PromaxBDA Latin and Internationalやその他フェスで受賞する。 Domaの一員としてベルリン、ニューヨーク、ロサンゼルス、ポートランド、モントリオール、バルセロナ、ブエノスアイレスの各都市で絵画展やインスタレーションを、また、世界中で会議やワークショップを開催。



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