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Holland, 27-05-1979
Rotterdam based Musician/Filmmaker/Animator Tommy de Roos. Trough working within different disciplines a world of image & sound develops. Inspired by his obsessive collecting of comics, records, VHS tapes & toys and his love for B-movies and childrens television. The main goal is to create a world where analogue & digital techniques combine and where tangibility plays an important role. Always busy creating new members of his family of characters in the form of (hand)puppets, comics, illustrations and animations.
Used to run the Helter skelter & Orange socks zines from mid 90's till 2001 and drew for many other zines during this period. Last few years the drawing went more to the background and is now focusing more creating video (animations and documentaries) and producing music under his FFF moniker.
As FFF he released on labels as Planet mu, Mindbender, Kool.pop, Sprengstoff, sozialistischer plattenbau and the Japanese Murder Channel label (on which his first full length album “20.000 hardcore members can't be wrong” will be released soon). Toured around Europe, Japan & Russia, playing from squatparties to Festivals. Graduated as Audio Visual Designer at the Wdka academy of arts, Rotterdam in June 2010.

E-mail address: tripletimesf@gmail.com

1990年代中頃から2001年までHelter skelter & Orange socksというミニコミ誌を発行し、この期間その他多くのミニコミ誌に絵を提供。
FFFとして Planet mu、Mindbender、Kool.pop、Sprengstoff、sozialistischer plattenbauといった海外レーベルや、近く、初のノーカットアルバム“20.000 hardcore members can't be wrong”をリリースする日本の Murder Channel labelから音楽を発表。 ヨーロッパ地域、日本、ロシアで、小さなパーティーをはじめ数々の音楽フェスで演奏するツアーを行う。
2010年6月、ロッテルダムの the Wdka academy of arts で、オーディオビジュアルデザイナーを専攻し卒業。

Tシャツはスタンダードな型のTYPE : N、丸首の女性らしいシルエットのTYPE : L、ギリギリまで着丈を短くし袖まで身巾をのばしたTYPE : S、ゆったりとしたノースリーブで着丈の長いTYPE : R、大きく首もとを開け裾を丸くしたビッグシルエットのTYPE : Bの5種類からお選びいただけます。