"36-56" 022_002_David Elshout

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His work is characterized by his loose drawing style, vintage pornography and warfare mixed with ecstatic comic elements. He visually explores the traditional gender roles and knows to present them in a raw and compelling way.
He is interested in various subject matter, ranging from the Vietnam war to first contact between civilisations, f.i. when Alexander the Great crossed the Hindu Kush mountains to make first contact between Hellenic and Eastern society.  Everything in his work is related to the human and physical dimension, the channeling of energy, and it’s impressions and sensibilities. 
David is mainly known through his exploits in the former Antistrot collective. Working in various galleries and museums in places like New York, Miami, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tokyo. 
He continues plying his skills as a communicator and organiser, with several former Antistrot-members. Searching for new collaborations, he uses the collaboratingartists.com platform, to host a variety of different projects. 
Also, nowadays he works with artists like Sander Reijgers, creating a combination of 2d drawings and paintings, with textile & 3d objects. 
David also produces his own body of work, in drawings, etchings, silkscreen prints, paintings and digital illustrations. 
He combines these activities with illustrations and conceptdesign for different clients.  

彼は主にかつてのアート集団、アンチストロットを通してのNY、マイアミ、サンクトペテルブルグ、モスクワ、東京での数々のギャラリーや美術館での活躍で知られ、今では前アンチストロットのメンバー何人かと、伝達者かつ主催者としての力量を発揮中。新たなコラボレーションを求め、the collaboratingartists.comを基盤に、多種多様なプロジェクトを主催している。
最近はSander Reijgers等アーティストと、絵画と布や立体物とを組み合わせた作品を制作。

Tシャツはスタンダードな型のTYPE : N、丸首の女性らしいシルエットのTYPE : L、ギリギリまで着丈を短くし袖まで身巾をのばしたTYPE : S、ゆったりとしたノースリーブで着丈の長いTYPE : R、大きく首もとを開け裾を丸くしたビッグシルエットのTYPE : Bの5種類からお選びいただけます。