"36-56" 011_002_Guw a.k.a. gulpepsh

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Born in 1980, in Osaka.
He's participated in “MIDI sai”, an Osaka-based breakcore music party from the very beginning.
He devotes himself to an idea of toujimatouji (a special musician), that “Nothing is more boring than music which musician composed. ” and he's pursued his own style to avoid going classic.
It appears in his unique and variable habit, which is his attitude of improvised performance. He's never practiced his music to get ready for his stage, which all musician do naturally. Using a microphone, he translate his sensitive sense into sound at every moment when it bursts. This is quite close to, what we called, human-beat-box, but it doesn’t seem to be the way beat boxer really performs. He is good at playing music at disconnected and unexpected way so that audience might get lost in thought and drop their jaws in a moment. He's not released his CD containing his live performance so that Gulpepsh, his music is only heard and experienced at live house.
Beside of his music activities, he's designed many fliers, logos, and CD jackets as an designer. In this T-shirt project, he shows his talent under the name “GUW”.

His activities range widely from creating stickers by the use of cutting plotter to updating his blog called, “gomojiten” which collects things with 5 letters.

Website : http://ggpp.cc
E-address : info@ggpp.cc




Tシャツはスタンダードな型のTYPE : N、丸首の女性らしいシルエットのTYPE : L、ギリギリまで着丈を短くし袖まで身巾をのばしたTYPE : S、ゆったりとしたノースリーブで着丈の長いTYPE : R、大きく首もとを開け裾を丸くしたビッグシルエットのTYPE : Bの5種類からお選びいただけます。