"36-56" 010_001_DTHG a.k.a. DISTEST

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Nationality : Japanese
Birth date : 30 July 1981

Since 1999, he has started having his hair cut extremely short on both side of his head and let his hair on the top front of his head gently hang down. Despite being teased by naughty bitches around him, this Japanese boy has kept holding his own style!!!!
In 2000, he started his career as a DJ. Through his experience in a Hardcore band and others, in 2006, with musicians in Osaka, he undertook the DJ tour in Europe.
Lately, in addition to being an DJ, he has belonged to EXEDEXEX, NEWMAMUKE and other bands and worked on fliers', logos' and T-shirts' designing under the name of $$(daradara).
His nickname is 'Dyssan'. He is a right-handed person and been covered with udon flour.

Website : http://blogdistest.blogspot.com/
E-address : distest@gmail.com


Tシャツはスタンダードな型のTYPE : N、丸首の女性らしいシルエットのTYPE : L、ギリギリまで着丈を短くし袖まで身巾をのばしたTYPE : S、ゆったりとしたノースリーブで着丈の長いTYPE : R、大きく首もとを開け裾を丸くしたビッグシルエットのTYPE : Bの5種類からお選びいただけます。