"36-56" 006_001_Ikko Taniuchi

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born in Kyoto, in 1984.
Lives and works in Osaka.
He graduated Osaka Designers' College in 2006. Since 2005, he has started to exhibit acrylics, drawings in crayon and series of drawings “kami ni kurepasu”with his exhibition “the Age of Ikko Taniuchi” at the core, which has been held in Japan and overseas.
His artworks have high standings among their collectors all around the world.

He is an artist who has embodied of the pictorial arts through his original performance called “enogu buto(painting dance)”, which he covers with colors and express himself with every parts of his body on canvas on the ground.

His artworks are powerful and filled with love.
So far, he's participated in many artistic events and performed nearly every month for 5 years.
Any place both nationally and internationally will do for his performance, which means at galleries , clubs with live music, overseas music festivals theaters, movie theaters, parties at ones' homes, and on streets, including Osaka Contemporary Art Center, the Kyoto Prefectural Office, and Ken Hamazaki Red Museum.
Sometimes hundreds of people gather to see his performance.
He acted opposite to a main character in a film titled Rakugaki iromachi (Red-light district graffiti), which was directed by Kasumi Hiraoka, was shown in International Film Festival in Rotterdam 2009 and received the Grand Prix at short film competition of Chofu Film Festival.

1984年京都生まれ大阪在住。2006年大阪デザイナー専門学校卒業。在学時の2005年より展覧会「谷内一光時代」を軸に日本や海外でアクリル画やク レパス画、ドローイング「カミにクレパス」シリーズを発表。


公演会場は国内外を問わず様々(ギャラリー、ライブハウス、劇場、映画館、大阪府立現代美術センター、京都府庁、浜崎健立美術館、ホームパーティー、屋外、海外音楽フェスティバルや路上など)で、1回の絵の具舞踏に数百人集まることもある。平岡香純監督作の映画「落書き色町」(ロッテルダム国際映画祭正式出品・ 調布映画祭グランプリ)では主演の相手役として出演している。

Tシャツはスタンダードな型のTYPE : N、丸首の女性らしいシルエットのTYPE : L、ギリギリまで着丈を短くし袖まで身巾をのばしたTYPE : S、ゆったりとしたノースリーブで着丈の長いTYPE : R、大きく首もとを開け裾を丸くしたビッグシルエットのTYPE : Bの5種類からお選びいただけます。